Did you know I like legos?

After a stellar re-entry to Intel I woke up one morning and was thinking about how to build a larger scale model of one of the Intel buildings in beautiful Folsom, California.    I arrived at work, pulled up the internal blogging site & posted a comment  “Who would like to work with me to build one of the FM buildings in Legos”.   The responses flurried to the tune of 60+ comments with over 45 folks that wanted to be a part of it.   So I took the idea to the next step, booked a large conference room and a brainstorming session of what we could do.  The scope went from one building to something way more EPIC in my mind.


We agreed to do the following:

  • Full campus build out to scale and we took the following decisions on X, Y & Z – X&Y are 1/160th and Z was set to 1/60th
  • FM7 cut out of all 4 floors to showcase the different work environments – lab, data center, café, gym, etc.
  • We decided to bring in the latest technologies i.e. galileo boards, solar, lighting, sensors, etc..


While all this sounded great, we needed to get a sponsor, so after a few meetings with our site leadership team we were funded and ready to go.


We started with utilizing the Lego drawing tool and three of us went to work on designing the different buildings.  The buildings were done to scale correctly, withstand weight and handle all the needs for technology.    I give the team huge kudos for creating EPIC designs.  However, what we learned (thank you Tim @ LegoLand – “master builder”) not all pieces have been created or are available in the colors we dreamed up.


We then went to plan B.  Let’s get as many of the right colors regardless of sizes/shapes and just start putting it together.    I assume that after buying 50k pieces that somebody in the Legosphere is recognizing we are working on something big here in Folsom.


Next blog I’ll give status on the full campus, cut out and our technology.  Until then  LEGO ON!
Oh ..  I will post pictures as well.


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