Crazy busy summer… but where have you been?

Well.  It has been a crazy busy summer, less water time than I could have wanted.    however, we did venture out onto the water a few times this year, from lake clementine to scotts flat, folsom and beyond.    The one thing that I have to share about this summer is you have got to create a fast pack for the trip.  Meaning pull all your equipment together in a quick bin to throw in the car.   I have three bins of gear and it was a bit chaotic on water days to get all the right items into the truck and ready to go.  My plan this winter is to plan, organize and prepare for next summer.

What else?  well it’s 150th year of California parks.   The poppy pass went up to $150, but they added a few items to the mix (like museums, etc…)

where have you been this summer?

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