Camp. Learn. Relax.

Well, let’s start this with blog with a watch for the yellow hazard poles (because they bite).    After my first night out at the campground, here is the report out.

Trip Notes – Here are my lessons

  1. Watch for cones (because that one time in the grocery store parking lot – when that yellow cone jumped out and bent my axle – yah.. the trailer is now used)
  2. Learn to back up – or at least calm down (oh yah.. it’s great when there are a few folks waiting at the storage place watching your every move)
  3. Make sure to turn on water – yah, I turned it on, but then tried to put in the regulator, and then forgot to turn it back on.. so yah.. used all of my own water during the trip
  4. Get better chairs (like the zero gravity ones).  my REI chairs are great for a baseball game, but not for chilling at the campground
  5. Turn off the Battery & Gas upon parking (think it’s time for an easy checklist to have in the lower storage section)
  6. Stretch before you go to bed (dude.. i’m old.  heck no I’m not..  but still stretching is good).
  7. My friend John’s camping tips helped (blocks for leveling, level placement)
  8. Plan food better (don’t forget your diner in the fridge)
  9. Need more organization in the cabinets (Oh yah.. went that yellow cone was bumped all the cabinets opened up.. ala SH&& SHow).
  10. Need a rug on the floor inside beyond the entry mat
  11. Trash bags (totally missed that) – I kept making trips to the trash can

Now for backing up into the camp site, it was two attempts for success, but it took 30 minute to get into my spot at storage.  I am now convinced that backing up is my lesson to be learned.  I will not give up, I will just keeping trying….


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