Camp Far West – a journey through California Gold

It was time to go back to old school today, we took a trip back to Camp Far West, which was one of the first places I took my kayaks out at w/ the family back in the day.   We went to south gates and they were closed, no doubt due to water levels, however north gate was open.   Now, this was just funny to go back where my eldest had a “FROG” experience in his kayak..   So we went on to CFW, however I was looking for frogs.

We hit the gates and saw the sign $15  / day.   Score, it was a bit higher than Sand Harbor and 5 more than ULC, however it was a bit closer.  We went into the store, and apparently they charge per board and we had 3 boards on our roof.   She gave us a break and only charged us for two boards, however still rolled in at $19.00 for the day.   What is great is the boat ahead of us with a dozen kids, were only charged $20.00 for the day.     Yah, it’s a personally owned lake, not a government lake, so I’ll leave it at that.

We hit the boat launch, threw the boards into the water, got a spot and started our expedition to CFW.   We switched boards for the day, I had the cutter, jules had the generator and it was relaxing, a good paddle, but the water was dirty and it was a “DONE” for that lake for at least another year.

We hit our 1 hour plus of paddling and called it a day!

Next adventure ——     who knows..


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