10 Lake SUP Challenge

I was out in Clementine a few weeks back when I met a fellow SUP’er that was talking about hitting 4 lakes in one day and how much fun/challenging that was.  I spent a few days thinking about it, talking with friends & pulled out the California Map looking at how I could do the same.   However after much investigation I figured out a way to make 7 lakes happen in one day.  It would require me to be at the first lake @ sunrise to ensure I could achieve my schedule, so I started to put together a schedule with travel time between each lake, including my assumptions to make a lake “completed” on the list.    Here are my raw notes I took @ Moonraker on my way up to Kings beach the day prior.  Also I just finished my SUP gear blog – http://hillyreport.com/sup-gear-list/   Check it out.


  • 10 mins to pack up/down – get in water / out
  • lunch need 1 hour to R&R
  • new water bottle at each lake (stay hydrated period)
  • 30 min minimum per lake
  • 3-5 pics per each place (Proof of Paddle – POP)
  • Minimum gear on the board
  • quick release straps to keep the in/out time fast

Now here’s the schedule I put together.

# Location Time Distance to next stop
1 King Beach @6:00AM 27 mins
2 Donner Cove/Lake @7:00AM 12 mins
3 Lake Van Norden @8:00AM 35 mins
4 Lake Valley Reservoir @9:10AM 25 mins
5 Lake Spaulding @10:10AM 59 mins
6 Scotts Flat @11:30AM 27 mins
7 Rollins Lake – Green Horn Campground @1:00PM 60 mins
8 Clementine – Lowers @3:00PM 43 mins
9 Folsom Lake – Rattle Snake Bar @4:30PM 20 mins
10 Lake Natoma @5:30PM DONE>>>>>>>

I took a goal to crush 7 lakes in one day and that obviously didn’t happen, I did 10!!!    I did have one lake that was only “7 mins”, but that was because I was getting eaten alive by mosquitoes, so on my next challenge i’m packing off spray as well in my kit.

Here’s my POP of the lakes & some great scenery.   I met a few folks throughout the day and that made it even better than the crushing goal.     At each lake I took some video with me talking about the experience, how it went, etc..   NOTE: there are a few bad words in this video.



So.. what’s next..    2 things..

  1. 50 corridor SUP challenge – # TBD
  2. 11 Lake challenge in Tahoe area w/ the fellow SUP’er that I met.


Make big goals, achieve them and then make the next goal.


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